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A Proven Turn-Key Business Opportunity

As a James MacNeil Authorized Business Partner and Certified Trainer you will have licensed use of my Verbal Aikido training content, business support tools and services and the power of my proven experience and name behind you to build a highly profitable training business with relatively little investment. Other turn-key business concepts and professions cost hundreds of thousands – even millions – in upfront investment and years of training and cost recovery. Useable personal cash flow can take years to achieve. With my Verbal Aikido Authorized Business Partnership program you can be up and running generating take home cash in amazingly little time and with nominal upfront investment.  When you present and sell Verbal Aikido training services and products you have James’ international reputation, credentials and sales skills behind you. (James is one of the highest paid corporate trainers in the world today. He will teach you how to do it for yourself).

How to Earn Money
  1. Use Verbal Aikido content and speaker training to make keynote presentations to large corporate and organizational group meetings and conferences. Earn thousands in speaking fees.
  2. Customize intensive training workshops for corporate and organizational groups of 10 – 50 attendees. James will help you “Crack the Corporate Sales Code” to land and retain coveted, large training contracts to earn tens of thousands of dollars.
  3. Run your own Weekend Workshops to groups of 12, 24, 48 or more and earn thousands in registration fees.
  4. Sell Home Study Courses and Online Community Memberships at your speaking and training events and using online marketing strategies. Earn thousands in one-time and recurring sales revenue.
How to Change Lives

Our Authorized Business Partners aren’t only running profitable businesses and living the good life, they are helping to change lives. Men and women of all ages who are trained in Verbal Aikido are deeply transformed as they learn to communicate effectively – often for the very first time. The response to this training whether on a personal or professional level has to be seen to be believed.  Consider this business opportunity a great way to make money AND change lives.

Take the First Step – Contact Us

We’ll have a casual, no pressure conversation to get to know one another. We’ll figure out together whether this opportunity is right for you. We’ll tell you all about the training, tools and support that your License Fee includes and answer your questions.

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James MacNeil is a Communications Coach, Consultant, Trainer and author of the upcoming books “Verbal Aikido” and “The Guru Builder.” He is one of the world’s most sought after speakers having addressed over 1600 live audiences and sharing the stage with mega-brands such as Anthony Robbins, Rudy Giuliani, Les Brown, Steve Forbes, Robert Allen, Larry King, T. Harv Eker and Sir Richard Branson. He has dedicated more than 20 years to helping individuals achieve their potential.

VA_Team_les_sml“James MacNeil is a voice of change. He teaches you how to tap into the greatness within you. I highly recommend him. He’s got the goods!”

Les Brown
International Speaker